Personal Protective Equipment

Our portfolio of personal protective equipment (PPE) includes an extensive list of options for coveralls, lab coats, gowns, shoe/boot covers, arm guards, face masks, respirators, full-face shields, and gloves. 

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Choose from our list of coverall options, including heavy duty polypropylene, tyvek, KeyGuard, or SMS  hooded or collared coveralls with elastic wrists and ankles 

Lab Coats

We offer a wide variety of featured lab coats, including heavy duty polypropylene, KeyGuard, or SMS with utility pockets and snaps or velcro 


Choose from our list of featured protective gowns, including heavy duty polypropylene, multi-ply, or ChemoBloc maximum protection gowns with elastic wrists and waist and neck ties 

Shoe / Boot Covers

We offer a wide variety of fluid resistant, non-skid polypropylene, polyethylene, or latex rubber shoe and boot covers to protect your equipment and your facility 

Arm Guards 

Choose from our list of featured arm guards, including tyvek and  Keyguard protective armguards with elastic or knit wrist stoppers

Face Masks / Respirators / Full-Face Shields 

We offer a wide variety of face masks, particulate respirators, and full-face protective shields, including 3M N-95 masks, cone-molded surgical masks, S3 ear-loop masks, and polypropylene bouffant caps


Our wide variety of powder-free exam gloves include textured and non-textured nitrile or latex products to help protect your research, staff, and facility environment.