Peroxigard™ is a one-step cleaner and disinfectant utilizing revolutionary Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®.

Custom Stainless Steel Vivarium Equipment

Explore our portfolio of best-in-class stainless steel vivarium equipment.

Custom Autoclavable Covers

Completely customized sizing specific to your vivarium equipment 

Personal Protective Equipment

We provide an extensive selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) including coveralls, lab coats and gowns, arm guards, shoe/boot covers, face masks and respirators, and gloves.  

Lighthouse EIP Single-Use Microfiber

A More Efficient Microfiber for Cleaner Floors


Scout® ES200 delivers best-in-class efficiency, reliability, and performance to maximize your cleaning and disinfecting efforts in any environment.

Lighthouse Flair Air Monitoring System

The Lighthouse Flair Air Safety Monitor detects and analyzes key air quality measures that have health and wellness implications for you and all of your facilities.

Evidence-based cleaning & disinfecting programs for your biomedical research facility.

We can help you create a safer, more efficient research facility.

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How We Can Help Your Facility

Maximize Efficiency

Reduce time and increase efficacy of your cleaning and disinfecting program

Improve Compliance

Ensure your sanitation program is compliant with any regulatory framework

Increase Safety

Protect your animals and staff from harmful pathogens and chemicals

Explore Our Suite of Best-in-Class Technologies and Solutions


Application & Dilution

Custom Vivarium Equipment


Disinfecting Equipment

Our Proven Solutions

Lighthouse Life Sciences offers a platform of complementary best-in-class technologies coupled with optimized protocols and procedures that address every area of potential pathogen transmission in the vivarium and laboratory.

Contact us to learn more about our fully customized infection prevention programs. 

Our Technologies

We offer a portfolio of best-in-class cleaning and disinfecting technologies and tools. Each technology is selected following a rigorous review of its scientific merits versus competing products.

Our technologies must meet three criteria: 1) improve efficacy over current products; 2) allow for significant efficiency gains for our customers; 3) increase overall facility safety. 

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