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World Hand Hygiene Day 2022

World Hand Hygiene Day 2022

Lighthouse Environmental Infection Prevention is proud to support World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5th, with our Partner Surewash.  It is very simple, washing hands save lives! When a facility's "quality and safety climate or culture" values and prioritizes hand hygiene,...

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AALAS Demo Day Presentations

April 28, 1:20 PM CST: Join Lighthouse on April 28 for an AALAS Demo Day presentation on implementing and executing successful environmental infection prevention programs for your biomedical research facility. 

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2021 LAR Webinar Series

April: From Student to Master: Doing Your Homework to Choose the Right Disinfectant

How many times have you stopped to read the fine print on your disinfectant label? While often overlooked, doing a bit of research can go a long way in choosing the right disinfectant for your facility and give you a leg up in preventing infections. In this webinar, learn the step-by-step process of how to effectively research and evaluate a disinfectant, to give you confidence in the product you choose.

Topics covered:

  • Key things to look for on a disinfectant product label, and what each one means;
  • Additional questions to ask, and where to look for answers;
  • Interactive examples using real products to put what you learn into practice.


June: Disinfection Dysfunction – Avoiding Common Cleaning and Disinfection Catastrophes

Do you suffer from safety indifference syndrome or dwell time disease? We know that improper use of disinfectants can cause infections, but other side effects can include occupational safety issues and more. In this webinar, learn how to spot common disinfection mistakes, and more importantly, how to avoid them and ensure that your protocols are up to scratch.

Topics covered:

  • Common myths about cleaning and disinfection, and why they need to be debunked;
  • Common mistakes that are made when choosing and using a disinfectant;
  • How to avoid these mistakes and build a cleaning and disinfection protocol that is set up for success.


August: Wiping Out Infection – How Wipes Can Strengthen Your Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols   

Effective cleaning and disinfection involves the two Ps: product and process. While choosing the right product is a great start in preventing the spread of infection, it’s just as important to pair your product with the right process to keep pathogens at bay. Disinfectant wipes have emerged as a convenient alternative to traditional spray bottles, but can also offer other less obvious benefits in your fight against infection, ranging from safety to effectiveness and even cost savings. In this webinar, learn how using wipes can take your cleaning and disinfection to the next level.

Topics covered:

  • An introduction to the common formats available for applying disinfectants;
  • How implementing disinfectant wipes can lead to improved occupational safety and effectiveness;
  • How implementing wipes can help bolster cleaning and disinfection protocols and improve operational efficiency.


October: Breaking the Cycle – How Cleaning and Disinfection Protect Against Common Infections

From a global pandemic to the common cold, infections are everywhere in the world around us. This webinar will explore the common types of pathogens threating the lab animal industry, and equip you with an understanding of how to select the right disinfectant product and processes for the various viruses, bacteria or fungi you may encounter.

Topics covered:

  • An overview of the common pathogens in laboratory animal settings, and how they are transmitted;
  • How to select an appropriate disinfectant for each type of pathogen you encounter;
  • How to ensure that your protocols are offering your facility protection, both on daily basis and in the face of an outbreak.


November: Ask an Expert – Your Cleaning and Disinfection Questions Answered

To wrap up our webinar series, join us for an interactive question and answer session with our resident cleaning and disinfection expert! In this last session, a wide variety of commonly asked questions will be addressed, incorporating all aspects of how to successfully select a disinfectant and implement robust protocols within your facility. 


Efficacy Against SARS-CoV-2

Learn about Peroxigard®’s tested and proven efficacy against SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19 disease.

LASPro Article

The April 2020 issue of LASPro Magazine focused on the topic of cleaning and disinfection in wet vs. dry facilities.

Complementary Products

Optimize cleanliness with application and dilution equipment specifically designed for use with Peroxigard®

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