Next-Generation Disinfection.

Now, Smarter.

Scout® ES200* delivers best-in-class efficiency, reliability, and performance to maximize your cleaning and disinfecting efforts in any environment.

Powered by Lighthouse Connect, Scout® lets you capture, report, and leverage key disinfection data to optimize the efficiency and efficacy of your infection prevention programs.

*Scout® is a patent pending system

The Future of Touchless Disinfection is Here.

Scout® ES200 isn’t just another electrostatic backpack sprayer – it’s the complete solution for tailored infection prevention protocols to achieve safety and regulatory compliance throughout your facility.

Scout® was designed from the ground up to solve the many problems faced by existing sprayers.

Take a look at a few of the ways Scout’s® patent-pending design is built differently than the competition.

Introducing Scout® ES200

Purchasing Scout® gives you access to Lighthouse’s complete portfolio of best-in-class infection prevention technologies, solutions, and customized programs.

On-site assessment, consultation, and training allows you to operationalize custom protocols and best practices to optimize the standard of care and ensure compliance for your facility.

Designed for Uptime & Durability 

  • Electronically controlled pump optimizes time and material efficiency for maximized cost savings
  • State-of-the-art construction materials and in-field service capabilities boosts durability and eliminates downtime
  • Precision 316 stainless steel nozzle components result in superior droplet deposition, surface coverage, and surface dwell times
  • 2-gallon detachable tank and 2x best-in-class, fast-charging batteries provide 6.5+ hours of extended spray time
  • Ergonomic harness system and advanced electrical isolation provide all-day comfort and safety for operators
  • 6.8kV positively charged electrostatic capabilities provide consistent and even application of disinfectants across all facility surfaces

Scout’s® high-efficiency application system allows for 12,000 square feet of covered surface area per gallon of chemistry sprayed

The Power of Lighthouse Connect

  • Integrated maintenance reminders and on-screen instructional modules results in maximized uptime and reliability 
  • Schedule and assign routes for your team members, then capture their progress in real time for quick and convenient proof-of-service
  • Set actionable targets for your team to complete during their routes to gamify the user experience and set your team up for success. Measure the observed variance to ensure compliance
  • Empower your team with quick, intuitive instructional courses on infection prevention best practices
  • Track inventory, resolve discrepancies, and improve your facility environment with real-time reporting direct to facility management

Leverage Data to Optimize Safety & Ensure Compliance

Scout® Companion App

The Scout® ES mobile app is a powerful tool that allows operators and facility management to record, analyze, and leverage disinfection practices throughout your facility.

Data Capture & Analytics

Once Scout® ES200 is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, Scout® will automatically capture sprayer usage, chemistry output volume, location, and duration of spray sessions.

Biologically Clean & Safe

Scout® ES makes it easy to convert your disinfecting efforts into valuable, actionable data in real time, ensuring the cleanest and safest possible environment for your facility staff and visitors.

Elevate Your Infection Prevention Program

Scout® ES200 offers a truly unique, complete solution to elevate the efficiency, reliability, and performance of your cleaning and disinfecting program.



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Patent pending under multiple patent applications