Scout® ES200 Key Differentiators

Scout® ES200* boasts a fleet of key features to stand out from the competition.

Scout® delivers industry-leading efficiency, reliability, and performance to maximize your cleaning and disinfecting efforts in any environment.

*Scout® has utility and design patents pending

Scout® is Built Different.

Scout® was designed from the ground up to solve the many problems faced by existing sprayers.

Take a look at a few of the ways Scout’s® patent-pending design is built differently.

While other sprayers electrostatically charge their fluid in the main body housing, Scout’s® electrostatic module is built right into the wand to deliver the electrostatic charge where it’s actually needed: at the point of spray.

Scout® utilizes a unique 2-way poppet valve design to moderate back pressure. This eliminates the excessive dripping at the nozzle that plagues other sprayers, in turn providing responsive control to start-and-stop spraying.

Additionally, Scout’s® mesh filtration system alleviates the breakdown of nylon mesh filters that occur in other sprayers.

Scout’s® fluid pump is materially isolated from the main body housing which reduces vibration and noise, delivering quiet operation for all-day comfort and use.

Scout’s® in-line flow sensor and electronically controlled pump deliver precise application of chemistry, track chemistry usage, and drive operational efficiency.

Scout’s® point-of-spray controls can toggle Electrostatic Charge, Laser Ranging Guide, and Trigger Lock. Battery charge indicators let you know when it’s time to change your battery pack.

Scout’s® patent-pending, in-field service hatch provides direct access to repair and replace critical components, enabling your team to keep Scout® up and running no matter the circumstances.

Other sprayers often use rotatable nozzles. Our extensive research with end-users informed us that such a feature was actually a liability. Instead, Scout® uses tool-free interchangeable nozzles with 316 stainless steel precision ground components.

Scout® utilizes a 2 gallon tank designed with feet to be freestanding and includes an integrated carry handle for easy filling and transport.

Scout’s® unique design is patent pending.

The Future of Touchless Disinfection is Here.

Scout® ES200 isn’t just another electrostatic backpack sprayer – it’s the complete solution for tailored infection prevention protocols to achieve safety and regulatory compliance throughout your facility.

Scout® was deliberately designed to address and alleviate the issues that existing sprayers typically encounter. Our extensive user and market research and thorough testing period resulted in Scout® ES200, the industry leader in high efficiency, touchless disinfection. 

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Patent pending under multiple patent applications